Image of guy in full protective suit and gasmask cleaning

Asbestos and Legionella management

With our partners IOTA we provide the full range of Asbestos and Legionella management.

respirator machine

Face Fit Respirator Testing

Certification of adequate protection from tight fitting respirators. Full face and Ori-Nasal – Quantitative.

basement with pipes

Asbestos Surveys

Tailored Asbestos Surveys to meet our clients needs. Management, Refurbishment or Pre-Demolition

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Asbestos Bulk Analysis

Analysis of materials for the presence of Asbestos Fibres in our custom built UKAS accredited laboratory

filter image

DOP Filter testing

Testing of High Efficiency (HEPA) filters for use in plant utilised in the Asbestos Industry

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Contractor Services

Provision of testing, repair and certification services to contractors working with Asbestos.

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Asbestos Consultancy

From advice to project management. A client focused service to meet specific needs.

picture of 2 microscopes

Asbestos Air Monitoring

The analysis of fibre levels in buildings using Air sampling pumps and microscopy